Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday game against the palatine pirates. Can't go to the game though. Still at school waiting for dad to pick me up from musical crew.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good day. Good day. I'm hanging out with andrew after his wrestling and my crew time. Don't know when i'm gonna get out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half day! Going to go home, eat, relax, and then come back for musical crew. Costumes and makeup fo sho!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Awesome! Now i can update blogger and my Facebook status via text. Amazing how all of this is evolving. :)
Had some awesome fun during outdoor adventure. Andrew had a court case so i missed him during physics.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Really random day. I'm so hungry and crabby. People squirmed away because they were freaked out by my mood. Hmmm i should have gone to jimmy johns eighth period. :( looks like I'll be raiding the fridge.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sleepy poohead. :( *sniffle* gotta practice piano.
Andrew is off camping. I woke up a little after 8 this morning so i went to Lifetime and took Salsa-funk. I'm back in pajamas. Watching stuff on hulu. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Andrew and i just cuddled up and watched Bones online, started to watch the simpsons movie but the sound was scratched up. So we just sat in the dark and talked. It was My kind of evening. :D

ugh mrs. clos!!!

seriously lets try to be on time here. andrew has a little cold and isn't going camping tonight so i'm supposed to see him around now. but no! his mom isn't home yet. where is she? dropping off a fucking coat his friend forgot this weekend. :P what the hell!
Success! :D
Whoot! Lets see if this mobile Blog works.

Hey peeps!

I'm sitting in the computer lab for social science survery bored out of my mind. I finished what we're supposed to be working on yesterday. New name: "Bored2Delusion." lol. so... yeah... It was 6:40 this morning when I remembered I had the first Tri-M meeting at 7. 20 minutes to get to school. D: And we were let out of the meeting at 7:25 at the 5 minute bell. I didn't get to see Andrew until physics. And there wasn't much talking there. He's going off to camping after school so I won't get to see him until sunday.

Poor Berto. He got into a little accident and now its questionable whether he'll get to see Kristi. His parents are pissed. Well gonna go now.

Diana <3

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Is The Life!!!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up. I've just been so busy, but today I remembered it was about time to come on here. I want to remember this.

So monday night, the Ultimate Frisbee club was hanging out at Mclovin's house. We made some stupid mistakes and started prank calling. Zambo's friend, Sarah B., flipped out on us and threatened to call the police on him. She never did and he never got in trouble. However, we did sit outside just in case the police actually came. We called it out punishment. Well after everyone left, it was just me, Andrew, and Rob (mclovin). We talked about pretty much everything, our ideas on life, love, friendship, and our philosophies. It was about 11:15 when we left. I drove Andrew home and as he was about to leave the car i held out my hand for a low five. He held my hand and asked me out. I had to process for a second or so because my brain was like "WHAT?!!" But of course I said yes. Now we're together. :)

Yesterday I was talking with Berto and he told me that Andrew had expressed the idea of asking me out before I did. I was kinda shocked. I thought it was a spur of the moment thing, but he was actually planning it out, waiting for the right moment. When I expressed my shock to Berto he laughed so much. He was laughing at me near the end of the English period. I asked him who told him about Andrew's idea. He said that he couldn't tell me and that it was a secret. Well this afternoon I asked Andrew and he told me that he told Doug and this other kid who was having trouble finding a girl because he likes a girl who doesn't have any classes with him. It was a really fun time. We watched Who's Line on Youtube. And of course we talked and just relaxed with my head on his shoulder. He's such a sweetie.

I think I need to end this somewhere because I could go on forever. I should do my Survey homework. ttyl! <3