Saturday, December 11, 2010


Updating my blog. Just to prove to Justin that I do update my blog. And I'm making Justin update his show blog too. So I'm gonna drink my hot chocolate and watch Harry Potter 2. :) yay! good night. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So lately i've been really into celtic music, especially Celtic Woman. They all have wonderful voices and the beats are addicting.
I'm sitting in Talbot Lab waiting for my stats class to begin. I'm ready for my semester to end and for chrismas to come around. It's finally snowing here and the air is crisp and refreshing. My workouts have become more consistent and i'm eating healthier, though i did breakdown and have spicy italian on flatbread from subway.
So just a few weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with diabetes. So sad. :( he'll have to take pills 3 times a day for the rest of his life. So much money. I'm also in pain because my wisdom tooth is coming in on the bottom right jaw. :P well that is all for now. GO CELTIC MUSIC!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 New Uploads on Youtube!

I have two new videos up on my channel. Go check them out. :D

username: kimd3pg

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long time no see!

Justin reminded me to post something on here. not that anyone really reads this. but anyway, I've settled into college life. i had my first sip of alcohol last night and hated it. it was smirnoff mixed with fruit punch and it still tasted like shit. :P excuse the lack of capitalization. i'm feeling very very lazy. so in about an hour, i'm off to swing dancing at the ARC. i'm going to bradley tomorrow right after class to spend the weekend with jeff. and.... i painted my nails? every night is different which i love. i wish JB were here so we could go party together but he obviously had  to go to iowa. *eternal glare* oh! and i forgot to mention that i have a new computer since my last post which was when? hahaha. i learned what it's like to be around a guy who is pretty damn drunk. they act completely ridiculous and they do not give valid arguments. my philosophy teacher would be ashamed. i shall febreeze this little room. after being here for so long, it was weird going by to my bedroom back home because it was quite a bit bigger. i was like "what the heck will i do with all this space?" yes, it was quite a predicament. Lina and i getting along just swell and our neighbors are awesome too. :) I hope the rest of the year stays like this. i'm going to go get ready for dancing now. just gotta spiff up my sad looking face. lol see ya!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life update!!!

I will be leaving for college in technically 3 day!! Oh my goodness >_< I'm finishing up a project of mine which was to renovate the basement from Drab to Fab. We tore down the ceiling and carpet, nixed the fluorescent lights, spackled the walls and sanded off the plaster. Yesterday, I put on the primer and first layer of this amazing wine/burgundy color, and I plan on doing stripes or stenciling with an orange and dark chocolate brown after the second coat of the burgundy. My next task is to finish shopping for my college stuff and finding a really cute rug to put in the middle of the basement because the floor is just the clay tiles that were under the carpet my boyfriend and I tore out.
My roommate hasn't contacted me back yet about whether or not she can bring a mini fridge. EEEK! I hope the next few days work out well. Wish me luck!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good day to you!

Just thought I'd stop in and say hi. I'm getting ready for college and all the other baggage. I have a list of things I still need to buy. :P I want to do some pleasure shopping for stuff like makeup, perfume, and clothes, but do I have the money? nope....... life can be so lame.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd

So yeah. Life in the easy lane. I love it. This summer has been a breeze. The weather has been agreeable except for that one 4 day power outage. I'm not working at Vector, and instead I occasionally babysit for my neighbors. I've done so much fun stuff that I don't know where all the time goes. I've been keeping busy and I'm starting to workout on a consistent basis.

I'm with a new man now. Jeff Hoerman. The joke is I dumped a dog for a real man. In all my previous relationships I was so busy hanging out with the guy that I never made time to exercise, but with Jeff I really don't have that excuse. We workout together. Right now he's away at his relatives and is coming back late Monday so I won't get to see him till Tuesday at the earliest, but I'm okay with that. I just have more time for myself.

I need to go swimsuit shopping. I don't know where my other one went and I also want one that won't give me a hideous tan line. I still have the tan line on my thighs from the shorts I wore for tennis last year. ewwww! I need to fix that. :P and I need new sunscreen. Oh the joy of being a girl. >_<  We care too much...

I'm gonna go and look for another workout on the interwebs. Au revoir!

Donkey Kong

Friday, June 18, 2010


Haven't been on here in ages! oh my goodness. :( Phedge reminded me of blogs and how he wants to start one, but is too lazy. well whatever. I'm graduated and I've turned into a sloth, no doubt. However, I've been doing soo much. Piano doesn't fit into that equation. Most like hanging out with friends, exercising on occasion and being on the interwebs. I have some stuff to do if I want to have some fun today. Have to clean the sliding doors in the family room. ewwwww. bye.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Devil's Lake trip 2010

Oh my! What a fun day. :) 3 outdoor adventure classes went up to Baraboo, Wisconsin to Devil's Lake. We had a difficult hike but we were with friends so it wasn't too bad. Justin and I took our own nature hike and ended up around civilization. Well not really, just vending machines and stuff. Here is a major fail.
Seriously who puts two guys bathrooms next to each other? The other side had girls bathrooms and they were both locked. Why would you lock a bathroom? Wisconsinites have no common sense. 

The beach where all the "civilization" was located had gnats. Pesky little creatures. They were flying at our faces. So we walked over towards the railroads.

That, my children, is called a "banjo" signal. Justin taught me that. Ahaha!

So overall, it was terrific. My only complaint is that my legs hurt like crazy and my face is sun burnt. Not attractive. Oh well. This trip was worth every minute of it. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

signed up for summer registration at uiuc. yay! listening to tomber la chemise by zebda. love this song. notice i'm not writing in complete sentences or capitalizing the "i"s. lol for laziness. anywho, happy easter ^_^ beautiful weather, so i'm gonna go outside and enjoy myself. i wonder if people have time for me. hehe love you. ttyl

oh and side note, i think i'm coming down with strep. but i still have the same pep as usual. :) just really bad cough. ick. gargling with salt and warm water.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hey all. Ten minutes into the first day of April. My shoulders are still a bit sore from the shots I got yesterday. Gardasil in the left because they didn't know how I'd react, and two more in the right. They said that the Gardasil shot hurts like a mofo, but I was fine. I think the two shot in the right combined hurts more. Anyway, I'm just lying in bed talking to Arthur dearest and Jean-Luc. I can see the bright moon through my blinds. The weather today was really nice. It was in the lower 70s. Tomorrow even warmer. Thank you to the Christians. We have Friday off because of you. :) I hope it's just as warm. Unseasonably warm this year. I don't understand why. We also had a really short winter. And we're in Illinois. Not really complaining though. I love this. I'll spend a lot of time outside tomorrow because I won't have to do homework. Hehe ^_^

Good night lovelies! peace and happiness all around.


p.s. My heart goes out to the family of Eddie Garcia. He was a transferred senior at Fremd High School. Over the spring break he was stabbed and killed during a heated argument over a girl. His life was far too short. He will be taken care of in the heavens. God bless you child.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi loves. I know I haven't been keeping up as I promised. I just always forget. Today was a rather riotous day. I went to Chicago with my mom, her piano student, and her student's mom. We went to Pandas Express for dinner. After dinner, Mrs. Toda checked her purse and her wallet was missing. It wasn't even in her pockets. It had been stolen! I'm guessing it was the big African American woman sitting behind her. It wouldn't have been too hard to reach around the take the wallet. I filed a police report, and Mrs. Toda told her husband to cancel all of the credit cards. Then she turned off her phone for the Mitsuko Uchida concert at the Orchestra Hall. When Mrs. Toda called her husband during the intermission, she found out that the person who stole it had bought a digital camera and other miscellaneous things at Target. Scary stuff.

The lesson to take away? Arthur says "keep your shit close when you're in the city!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm on my way home from the northwestern symphonic wind ensemble concert. I'm on the bus with other tri-m (modern music masters) music honors society. Awesome concert! Mallory thompson was an amazing conductor. :D love!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sowwy. I haven't been on since january. I'm still feeling a little down in the dumps. I don't know why. But now I can't miss any school. *sad face* I don't want to take the senior finals so unless i want to, i can't miss more than 3 days. Blah! Anywhozzle, I have a 3 page paper to write about biological evolution. My stand point being that it is the only explanation for our existence on this earth.

Today I did one of workouts, and I'm burning! I will start my 30 day sugarfree challenge. The only thing sugarwise would be my gum. No more candy, no sugary drinks, no dark chocolate. I'm gonna die. Sometime today, I'll go out and buy protein powder to put into my water after workouts. Just wait. I'll be an inch or two slimmer by summer. I'll make it happen! Peace out ya'll!


Friday, January 8, 2010


What a day. I woke up sick this morning with a splitting headache. My inner vampire was coming through. I cringed at light. Mom tried to wake me up, but I just rolled over and cried. She was a little annoyed, but what was I gonna do? She had me call the attendance office to call in sick. Then I just fell back asleep. woke up again around 11 to eat. I still wasn't feeling my best but I wanted to go to choir. Now I'm sitting in the lab for English. I need to revamp 2 essays, write an intro and conclusion for the portfolio, and organize the journals. >_< wtf.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My winter break is over. I'm going to bed now. I hope i didn't have any other homework. :P