Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi loves. I know I haven't been keeping up as I promised. I just always forget. Today was a rather riotous day. I went to Chicago with my mom, her piano student, and her student's mom. We went to Pandas Express for dinner. After dinner, Mrs. Toda checked her purse and her wallet was missing. It wasn't even in her pockets. It had been stolen! I'm guessing it was the big African American woman sitting behind her. It wouldn't have been too hard to reach around the take the wallet. I filed a police report, and Mrs. Toda told her husband to cancel all of the credit cards. Then she turned off her phone for the Mitsuko Uchida concert at the Orchestra Hall. When Mrs. Toda called her husband during the intermission, she found out that the person who stole it had bought a digital camera and other miscellaneous things at Target. Scary stuff.

The lesson to take away? Arthur says "keep your shit close when you're in the city!"