Thursday, April 22, 2010

Devil's Lake trip 2010

Oh my! What a fun day. :) 3 outdoor adventure classes went up to Baraboo, Wisconsin to Devil's Lake. We had a difficult hike but we were with friends so it wasn't too bad. Justin and I took our own nature hike and ended up around civilization. Well not really, just vending machines and stuff. Here is a major fail.
Seriously who puts two guys bathrooms next to each other? The other side had girls bathrooms and they were both locked. Why would you lock a bathroom? Wisconsinites have no common sense. 

The beach where all the "civilization" was located had gnats. Pesky little creatures. They were flying at our faces. So we walked over towards the railroads.

That, my children, is called a "banjo" signal. Justin taught me that. Ahaha!

So overall, it was terrific. My only complaint is that my legs hurt like crazy and my face is sun burnt. Not attractive. Oh well. This trip was worth every minute of it. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

signed up for summer registration at uiuc. yay! listening to tomber la chemise by zebda. love this song. notice i'm not writing in complete sentences or capitalizing the "i"s. lol for laziness. anywho, happy easter ^_^ beautiful weather, so i'm gonna go outside and enjoy myself. i wonder if people have time for me. hehe love you. ttyl

oh and side note, i think i'm coming down with strep. but i still have the same pep as usual. :) just really bad cough. ick. gargling with salt and warm water.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hey all. Ten minutes into the first day of April. My shoulders are still a bit sore from the shots I got yesterday. Gardasil in the left because they didn't know how I'd react, and two more in the right. They said that the Gardasil shot hurts like a mofo, but I was fine. I think the two shot in the right combined hurts more. Anyway, I'm just lying in bed talking to Arthur dearest and Jean-Luc. I can see the bright moon through my blinds. The weather today was really nice. It was in the lower 70s. Tomorrow even warmer. Thank you to the Christians. We have Friday off because of you. :) I hope it's just as warm. Unseasonably warm this year. I don't understand why. We also had a really short winter. And we're in Illinois. Not really complaining though. I love this. I'll spend a lot of time outside tomorrow because I won't have to do homework. Hehe ^_^

Good night lovelies! peace and happiness all around.


p.s. My heart goes out to the family of Eddie Garcia. He was a transferred senior at Fremd High School. Over the spring break he was stabbed and killed during a heated argument over a girl. His life was far too short. He will be taken care of in the heavens. God bless you child.