Monday, August 16, 2010

Life update!!!

I will be leaving for college in technically 3 day!! Oh my goodness >_< I'm finishing up a project of mine which was to renovate the basement from Drab to Fab. We tore down the ceiling and carpet, nixed the fluorescent lights, spackled the walls and sanded off the plaster. Yesterday, I put on the primer and first layer of this amazing wine/burgundy color, and I plan on doing stripes or stenciling with an orange and dark chocolate brown after the second coat of the burgundy. My next task is to finish shopping for my college stuff and finding a really cute rug to put in the middle of the basement because the floor is just the clay tiles that were under the carpet my boyfriend and I tore out.
My roommate hasn't contacted me back yet about whether or not she can bring a mini fridge. EEEK! I hope the next few days work out well. Wish me luck!