Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long time no see!

Justin reminded me to post something on here. not that anyone really reads this. but anyway, I've settled into college life. i had my first sip of alcohol last night and hated it. it was smirnoff mixed with fruit punch and it still tasted like shit. :P excuse the lack of capitalization. i'm feeling very very lazy. so in about an hour, i'm off to swing dancing at the ARC. i'm going to bradley tomorrow right after class to spend the weekend with jeff. and.... i painted my nails? every night is different which i love. i wish JB were here so we could go party together but he obviously had  to go to iowa. *eternal glare* oh! and i forgot to mention that i have a new computer since my last post which was when? hahaha. i learned what it's like to be around a guy who is pretty damn drunk. they act completely ridiculous and they do not give valid arguments. my philosophy teacher would be ashamed. i shall febreeze this little room. after being here for so long, it was weird going by to my bedroom back home because it was quite a bit bigger. i was like "what the heck will i do with all this space?" yes, it was quite a predicament. Lina and i getting along just swell and our neighbors are awesome too. :) I hope the rest of the year stays like this. i'm going to go get ready for dancing now. just gotta spiff up my sad looking face. lol see ya!