Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodnight Everyone!

I have finished studying for my forensic science exam tomorrow. Well it's technically today already. My sleep schedule has been screwed up since Thanksgiving break. My room smells like Slatkin and Co.'s Leaves scented candle which has been burning in here for some time to get rid of the smell of fish because roommate was cooking. Hopefully that'll help me sleep. Tomorrow, after my exam, I will be out and about getting Christmas presents ready and I also have a Psi Chi meeting in the evening. I'm going to watch the Schuermanshow on Youtube and then go to bed. Goodnight!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Are You Smarterer Than Me???

So finally the semester is winding down. I don't have any finals but I have one midterm exam for my forensic science class. It's tomorrow and I should be studying but totally procrastinating. That class has 3 midterms. I also have 1 final draft due for my intro to fiction class. We got our rough drafts back today. I get to go home Friday morning. 

So this evening I spent some time on Bzzagent.com. Thought I'd share a link with you on a site I found rather interesting called Smarterer.com. It tests your knowledge in topics of social media and technology. They have tests for Bzzagents (I ranked 12th), Angry Birds, Google Chrome users, Mozilla Firefox users, Blogger, Youtube, and much more. I think you should totally check it out! Plus, it's totally free! What have you got to lose? Got the balls? Go for it!